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Pirates Treasure Hunt   Hunting for pirate treasuse is sfun and challenging Game Join us in a Pirates treasue Hunting event, with the map, you'll be able to follow the trial written on the map that'll lead you right to the treasue where X marks the spot. Birthday party are great for these type of unique treasure huntinh fun for the kids. Parents can buy the presents and put it into treasure chest. We'll bury itor hide it and make a treasure map for the kids to find and lead them right to the  X marks the spot. where the birthday child has found the treasure! This also great for big events and parties too. Tell us how you want to plan it out and we'll get creative with it. We also cater food food too and you can see our simple menu on what we serve. let us know what you like and we'll put together a good menu and Pirates Treare. show and fun together for you.  Contact us and let us know. Don't forget to check out our menu. You want to be a Pirate, you'll have learn how to be like one. We'll show you how and have fun with you, So check out our Pirates code. We look forward to See our Pirate Ship