Welcome Thar Maties,    I'm Captain Kiltman and me tremendous intuitive sense informs   me that you may be looking for a certain pirate captain to attend your next Event. Besides, this is not just for kids but for the whole familyto enjoy. It’s good entertainment for everyone. Well matie, look no further. Captain JKiltman and his crew is available for all your raiding and pillaging needs. All righty now, less pirate-y activities like birthdays, graduations, corporate events, live shows and weddings are fine too. While it's true there may be other pirates roaming about out there, few work as hard to make yar event as memorable as possible. I have been a professional improv actor/host for more than 15 years Along with me other skills, I would sure says, I knows what I'm doin'. Be sure of that. Now, without further belay, take a look 'round and feel free to give ol' Captain Kiltman a call if you need anything. Savvy and adventurous. NOW,… do we have an accord? Come aboard and join me crew as we sail the high seven seas. Traveling to many countries, reading, math, Maps, treasure hunting and all them thar good ol' learning activities….
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