Our Pirate's Code Better Entertainment   Just because we're pirates, doesn't mean we're looking for ill gains. However, should you decide to hire me send me crew for your event, I take d'accord to me guarantee: I will put on a performance your guests will never forget, and will do so in a clean, safe and audience age in an appropriate manner. My pricing for performances are fairly and do not Change unexpected on you. We will discuss an estimated price with all activities with you a package that will fit your budget before your event begins. Should anything changes, Come upon either side, and should be approved by both parties then we have a d'accord. Don't worry about me part of the event. I stay in character throughout the performances, unless in case of an emergency that dictates I do. Please be in mind, hat do not tolerate drunken behavior. I do not consume any alcoholic drugs nor do I smoke at any time before, during or after performances at any event. I am clean, sober and respectable as a human being as you are to see and know. I do not insult your guests. However, tease them in a humorous way by making them laugh, but all in good respectable humor fun. I have been a professional Director/Producer/DOP/Host and Improv Actor for more than 15 years and know how to have fun with all kinds of people. However, I still learn more new ways to humor and better entertain me audiences. I will do everything in my power to make your event fun, safe, entertaining and memorable. Should you ever have any concerns, I'd be more than happy to discuss issues with you. Besides, this is not for kids but for adults. All in all. it just  a good family entertainment for everyone. Back to top page
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